Insights on Teaching Preschoolers
To Begin With…
Preschool is one of my favorite ages to teach. The love of learning is so strong. Everything is so exciting and fun for this age, and my goal was not to squelch but enhance that God-given love of learning. 

I do believe a schedule benefits children by building in them a sense of security. For this reason, I scheduled times to work with my preschoolers so they knew what to expect and what was expected of them. 

Let me clarify that when teaching multiple ages at the same time, it is your preschoolers and those you are teaching to read who will require the majority of your time investment. Our goal is to develop self-directed learners, and as a child reaches junior high and high school age, much of his learning becomes parent guided, but self directed. In other words, you don’t have to follow the model we learned of a lecture-based teaching style.  Click here for complete article.

School Can Wait - Dr. James Dobson and the late Dr. Ray Moore

Homeschooling Young Children
If you have questions about starting homeschool with your young learner, this week’s program has answers! You’ve already taught your toddler so much, why not keep going? HSLDA program coordinator Vicki Bentley offers encouragement and suggestions for how to teach your early learner.

Keeping Little Ones Busy
If you have a baby, toddler, or preschooler in your home, you know how difficult it can be to keep them busy and happy while schooling your older children. Just when you sit down to help your older child with his math lesson, there always seems to be an interruption – a diaper to change, a nose to wipe, someone needs to go potty, or your 2-year-old has wandered out of sight. You don’t want to use the television as a babysitter, but let’s admit it – some days it sure is tempting!  Click here for complete article.

Putting the HOME in Homeschooling—Introducing the 5 D’s 
Top Tips for Teaching Toddlers
A young mother approached Sally at the break during one of our conferences. She had a worried look in her eyes that said, "Help me, please!" For several minutes, she poured out her anxious concerns that she wasn't doing enough for her children, that they weren't progressing, and that she was failing as a homeschooling mother. "How old are your children?" Sally asked when the woman finally took a breath. With a note of seriousness, the woman replied, "Oh, they're three and five years old."  
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.What to Do with a Child Before Age Ten
Some Classical Educators focus on the Classical method and others focus on the Classical subjects. Those who focus on the subjects (Latin, Logic, etc.) tend to want to get to the academics as early as possible. Those who focus on the method (the Trivium) tend to slow down and pay more attention to developmental principles. Classical Education is not just Latin and Logic. It is a way of life.  Click here for complete article.

What Your Preschooler Really Needs
The world has a lot to say about parenting nowadays. From Dr. Spock to Dr. Phil, from the Super Nanny to our own families, a plethora of experts scold us with a never-ending barrage of advice--most of it conflicting. The newspapers and magazines scream at us about the needs of children and the latest unbiased study, while the publishing companies profit from the confusion by churning out numerous books on parenting every year. Slick ad campaigns report that parents need only buy the latest educational toy, or enroll their innocents in the newest educational program to guarantee academic success and future happiness for their children.  Click here for complete article.

Early Education in WV  - this article explains the WV law and is a must read!
an article by CHEWV

If you’re like our family, you probably have little interest in sending your four year old child away to public school.  But like us, you may also have friends or acquaintances with young children who are interested in the concept of homeschooling, but are waiting to make the decision.  If that is the case, here is some information you may want to pass along to them.  
One important point to know is that enrollment in early childhood educational programs is not mandatory.  According to State law, compulsory attendance for a child does not have to begin until the school year in which the sixth birthday is reached prior to the first day of September.
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Homeschooling the Preschool Years:  Choosing What is Best
By: Kim Kincell

With a village to raise a child, a Zero-to-Five Plan , and mothers clamoring for daycare, preschool has become the popular result. Today, nearly two-thirds of America’s three and four-year-olds attend preschool, compared with just 4 percent in the mid-1960’s. This isn’t just the by-product of more mothers entering the workforce; nearly half of all stay-at-home moms now send their kids to a prekindergarten program.  Compulsory preschool programs are being offered now in West Virginia and talk of earlier academics is pushed for even our three year olds.  The burning question:  will our children be able to compete academically by the time they are five?  Since the five-year-old kindergarten programs are teaching more advanced academics, children need to learn skills at an earlier age than was needed a dozen years ago in order to be prepared.  So preschool attendance grows by leaps and bounds.  But is it effective?  Current research resoundingly says, “No!”  This is not a good idea!
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